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Let Your Light Shine

Jessica H Seddon

Transformational Coaching 

I help women who are feeling exhausted, anxious and trapped to regain their energy so they can feel alive, free and reconnected with who they truly are

Ways I Can Help

It's important for me to offer many modalities and opportunities when it comes to my coaching so that I can help as many souls as possible. 

Join me on healing journeys from your gut to your mind. Whether it be 1-1 coaching or in a group - Jessica H Seddon coaching will be here to help guide you on your journey to health. 

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Let Your Light Shine

1-1 Coaching Opportunity

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Sister Circles

An intimate healing experience

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Group program

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21-day Cleanse

Why I Can Help You Achieve This...

I have been there.
I worked in corporate finance for almost a decade and was diagnosed with professional burnout in 2015.
I know how burnout, stress and anxiety feel and the impact they have upon the body.


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I understand the negative connotations these conditions can have in the workplace and the extra pressures this can bring. I know what works and what doesn't work.

My journey taught me that there is more than the physical aspect to health; if we don’t address the mental and emotional aspects as well, the physical recovery waxes and wanes.

My approach addresses mind, body and soul, to help you achieve total transformation.
To find out a bit more about me and my story, 
click here.


Intuitive Coach and A Kind-Hearted Soul

Jessica is such a joy to work with. She's a Wonderfully intuitive coach who has been a great support, guiding me to uncover my sticking points and gently offering new perspectives to contemplate. I feel more enlightened and inspired every session, leaving with deep realisations and a zest to implement them. Our regular time together is something I always look forward to and hope will continue. My mindset has been shifting in a way that I can feel an up-leveling within me on an energetic level. Thank you Jessica for sharing your gifts as a coach, you're such a kind-hearted soul! 


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Have You Had Enough?
Are You Ready To Take Action?
What Are You Waiting For?
Let Your Light Shine

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