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Let Your Light Shine

Do You Feel...

  • Constantly tired and low in energy, drained

  • Wired, spinning, like you can’t switch off, despite the exhaustion

  • Overwhelmed and unable to cope

  • Stressed and anxious

  • Fearful

  • Like it’s difficult to concentrate and to focus

  • Like you’re not good enough…

  • …and you must put everyone else’s needs first

  • Like you are constantly running out of time

  • Run down, with constant ailments and health issues, including but not limited to digestive problems, bloating, skin issues, and difficulty sleeping

  • Lost, stuck and and unfulfilled?

Would You Rather Feel...

  • Vibrant and full of energy, with a zest for life 

  • Confident - in your abilities and in your body 

  • Strong and healthy 

  • Calm, peaceful and present 

  • Able to create and uphold healthy boundaries

  • Supported and empowered

  • Free

  • Focused and with mental clarity

  • Zealous and in control of your life

  • Like you are living authentically, aligned with your unique path?

Why I Can Help You Achieve This

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I have been there.

I worked in corporate finance for almost a decade and was diagnosed with professional burnout in 2015.


I know how burnout, stress and anxiety feel and the impact they have upon the body.


I understand the negative connotations these conditions can have in the workplace and the extra pressures this can bring. I know what works and what doesn't work.


My journey taught me that there is more than the physical aspect to health; if we don’t address the mental and emotional aspects as well, the physical recovery waxes and wanes.

My approach addresses mind, body and soul, to help you achieve total transformation.

To find out a bit more about me and my story, click here.

So, What Do You Get?

I can't wait to help you revolutionize your health (physical, mental and emotional) in this phenomenal Let Your Light Shine Programme which includes:

  • ​12 powerful weekly one-to-one coaching sessions with me via Zoom

  • ​unlimited support via WhatsApp and/or email throughout our journey together - equivalent to a personal coach in your pocket

  • ​access to a wealth of supporting documents, worksheets and resources to help you embed radical transformation;

  • ​inclusion in my amazing Facebook Community of like minded people offering support.

I use a cutting edge transformational coaching method which allows us to deep dive into what is holding you back so you can up-level your food, movement, sleep and mindset, rewiring your lifestyle to become focused, confident, vibrant and reconnected with who you truly are.

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Have You Had Enough?

Are You Ready To Take Action?

What Are You Waiting For?
Let Your Light Shine

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