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Imagine this: you have some kind of health problem and the problem becomes bad enough that you need to get some help. So you go to some kind of practitioner. The practitioner gives an assessment of what is going on; some kind of diagnosis. And as a result of this assessment, you are given some kind of action steps. Those action steps, depending on the practitioner, could be drugs, surgery, lab tests, changes in food and lifestyle etc. You walk out of the door having those action steps.

Then what happens?

Have you ever been in a situation where you know you should reduce your sugar intake, your stress levels, or exercise more, for example, but you just don’t follow through on that action?
Because, of course, you can give somebody all the information in the world and if they don’t do anything with it, it’s meaningless.

Far from a rigid diet or one way of living, health coaching is a powerful movement for change that is creating a better world. It’s heart-centered health care at it’s finest.

A health coach is a master of habit change. Health coaches really address the underlying reasons why people don’t do what they are supposed to do, or what they know they should do. Habit change occurs through rewiring the brain patterns, thought patterns, and therefore behaviour, as well as through sustained motivation and followthrough. As a master of habit change, a health coach helps you to break these patterns. When you become aware of a limiting belief, your behaviour naturally changes, and thus the result.

Health coaches help you transform limiting beliefs and unhealthy (often times unconscious) habits into the freedom to choose what works best for you to achieve your unique goals. However, it is not possible to put health in a box; health is not separate from love and relationships, money, spirituality or career. An essential paradigm of transformational coaching is that how you do one thing is how you do anything. In this way, all areas of life are interlinked and a health coach’s scope is not just around physical health but around all lifestyle changes. The coach’s job is to help you understand how you are creating your experience, and then how to create a different experience.

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