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I may be a zealous health coach now but not so long ago I was a stressed, overworked corporate, working a 60+ hour week in the banking sector for a top multinational. I was exhausted and anxious and constantly felt like I was running out of time.

So what the heck happened to turn my energetic mess into success?

I wish I could say that my inner pilot light stepped in to tell me that it wasn't worth it, that my health was more important, that there was something more.

But sadly this is not the case. I was so exhausted that I had blinkers on. At the time, I felt incompetent, scared, and worried about finances. What would people think if I jacked it all in after all this lengthy and expensive studying? So fear kept me pushing through. On and on until eventually my body couldn't take any more. I could no longer concentrate, focus, or have meaningful conversations with people. I was completely depleted. And I was diagnosed with professional burnout in 2015 before beginning the long road to recovery that led me here today.

Now I am a certified Health Coach Institute (HCI) Health and Life Coach. The HCI training is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am no longer anxious or stressed. I have the energy to run my own business, a family and renovate a house! I feel vibrant, energized and full of vitality.

I have combined all of my personal experience and professional expertise in a proven system that can finally show you how to release stress and anxiety in order to regain your energy and reconnect with who you truly are. Even if you have no time, no energy and no willpower. And even if you've tried everything else and failed.

Ready to feel energized...?

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