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As a chartered accountant with 8 years recent experience of working with one of the Big 4, I do understand the pressures faced by young professionals. As a qualified health coach, my main focus relates to stress and burnout.

Having experienced professional burnout myself, I know how debilitating it can be. As a former team manager I also recognize the challenges an organization faces, confronted with an increasingly stressed work force and high turnover.
Jessica H Seddon Coaching supports businesses and their employees through both coaching and wellbeing workshops and seminars.

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As companies explore new options in the ever challenging and changing world of work benefits, providing a coach is becoming increasingly popular. So how can having one help your employees, as well as your business?

While at first glance the benefits may seem solely for employees, studies show that employees that take advantage of company coaching programmes not only see improvements in their personal lives, but in their professional ones as well.

Because there is so much crossover between personal lives and professional ones, it’s no surprise that both coaching participants and their employers see added benefits such as better teamwork, increased job satisfaction, improved communication and improved relationships.

Company coaching programmes have been shown to increase employee retention and engagement, boost productivity and overcome performance issues. Employees find opportunities to strengthen their skill sets, gain confidence and assume more responsibility in the work place. According to the International Coaching Federation, 86% of companies who implement a coaching programme feel the ROI was valuable.

By providing an outlet for growth and learning like a coaching programme, your organization can send a powerful message to its employees that their individual progress is valued and encouraged.
Jessica H Seddon Coaching supports employees currently experiencing, who have experienced, or who are on the verge of, professional burnout, stress and overwhelm. This is done through one-to-one VoIP packages. Programmes are bespoke depending on individual goals.

Please get in touch here to discuss what a coaching programme could look like for your business.



Wellbeing Workshops and Seminars

Why is workplace wellbeing so important?

Work related stress and illnesses now account for over half of all work absenteeism. Workplaces that promote mental health and support people with mental disorders are more likely to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and benefit from associated economic gains.

The first priority for businesses is to adapt the company culture, leadership and management to promote wellbeing. The important thing is to start the conversation about stress and mental health issues. Talking about the work and what causes pressure to employees can help develop solutions that can prevent people becoming ill or identify those that need help.

Jessica H Seddon Coaching supports businesses in understanding how to identify, approach and support employees suffering from stress, overwhelm and burnout through management-directed workshops, as well as preventative workshops, directed at all staff, on topics such as stress, sleep, work/life balance, and more.

Please get in touch here to discuss wellbeing workshops for your business.

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