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Do you need help to IGNITE?

Join my 14 day programme where we will interlace aspects of mind, body & soul to IGNITE your vital life source energy so you can feel vibrant, alive, refreshed and free.

Do you feel:

  • Exhausted?

  • Drained?

  • Stressed?

  • Lost & Stuck?

  • Disconnected?

  • Like you want something more?

Would you rather:

  • Wake up feeling refreshed, full of energy & ready to start the day?

  • Have the energy to deal with challenges and turbulent emotions?

  • Have the mental clarity to focus on the things you want to achieve?

  • Feel like there's enough time to do everything you need to in the day, including spending times with loved ones?

  • Feel like life is easy and fun?

  • Take time out for yourself, doing things that bring you joy, without feeling guilty?

  • Feel connected and supported?

What we will cover in the 14 days:

Mindful intention setting to ensure you get the most out of our time together

Meditations & breathwork to calm & connect


Mouth-watering recipes that keep you feeling energetic

Restorative resources (healing sleep music, therapeutic asanas) to regulate your nervous system & improve sleep & repair

Powerful self-enquiry technique to reframe deep-seated beliefs that are keeping you stuck

Eating for health - we will eliminate sugar, gluten & caffeine & discover energy boosting foods to help heal & repair your gut & nervous system

Live Q&As

Joy - we will explore activities that light you up, bringing living back into life

Internal & external growth & connection in a space where you can share & be seen & heard without judgment.

The programme is usually run as a group programme. I will go live each day to share the insights for that day and you will have access to me throughout the duration of the programme.

Why Can I Help?

I was diagnosed with professional burnout in 2015. Following that, and the birth of my daughter, I was diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions.

My main symptom and preoccupation throughout all this was a lack of energy. I felt totally depleted. I had no energy to think, I had no energy to make tea (much to my husband’s despair), I had no energy to talk properly (I couldn’t find my words), and despite being exhausted I couldn’t sleep.


And I didn’t understand why, after so much time off work, I was still exhausted and still had no energy.


I did so much research, tried and tested so many methods, trialed so many products, and did so much inner work.


And I realized that you can’t steal energy from outside sources; you ARE the energy. The energy comes from within.


That shifted everything for me.


Energy is just so important because it’s what we are; it’s our very essence. And I see so many people with energy problems because they are living a life that is not aligned with their core.


So I have put together a 14 day programme that draws on aspects of mind, body and soul to offer you a holistic way to take the first step towards improving your energy levels.


Thank you so much for this programme, it's been an enormous eye opener for some ways it's been a little life changing. I recommend it completely and rave about how wonderful it is.

If you're ready to take back control of your energy so that you can vibrantly participate in life and create space for the things that fully light you up, then click on the link below and I will be delighted to fully support you.

Sign up for Ignite below!

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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and

- Nicola Tesla

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